Passion, that’s what brings Alain Goenawan to the creative world.


Alain Goenawan was born on the 27th April. Born and raised in Indonesia, Alain himself never graduated from any art & design university. He graduated with Management degree in Tarumanegara University.


Alain has a lot of passion in the design world, although he did not get any permission from his parents in majoring graphic design it did not stop him in being in love with the design industry itself. As time goes by he be able to take courses in different places and studied autodidact.


It has been Alain’s passion and what he called love at first sight towards the design industry especially in fashion and graphic. Alain started to design his own clothes when he was still in freshmen, at that time clothing designs and fashion has no soul and personality in its design, that’s why he made his own designs in clothing. Through out the time and passion he has, he finally started his clothing business in 2003.


Alain and his Journey


Starting his new business in 2003 it did not stop him in going further in his career, it is actually the beginning of his new trouble and hope inside his journey. By having lack of ex[erience in the design industry, fashion world, financial problem and finding distributions are some of the main problems he had to face. Ups and downs were faced during his midst year of 2003 – 2006. Through out his struggle he finally came up with an idea of grabbing market from his community.


On 2007, Alain started to do a collaboration with some local bands such as; Maliq & D’Essentials, Twentyfirst Night and Soulvibe, Alain started as making several music merchandise.


He started to do and experimental project in making product designs for Inksomnia. Using wood, leather and IKAT fabric for his design, he started to grab attention from local fashion observer and international market. Alain also started to do exhibition booth design using used wood for several companies.


On 2014, Alain finally had his first fashion show at Portico Jakarta with his IKAT fabric and with an edition of collaboration with Eva Celia Lesmana. At this time now, he tried to explore lifestyle product design using wood and leather. Hoping that the small things that he does will be recognize by the world to see, that Indonesia has many great things  and also with big hopes of the Indonesian citizen will no need to seek international brads. Alain frequently participate in creative events like’ Fashion Events, Graphic Design forums, Creaboration, and event by Bank Mandiri and Decorus and many other more events.




Collaborations in the Music Industry


At that time, he has the idea in doing collaborations with local bands in Indonesia, since Indonesia has a very big appreciation in music. He started producing band merchandise and distribute through offline store and Facebook.


He has done several collaboration now a days with several local bands and also local artist. By expanding the company and having Inksomnia Soultion, Alain is now be able to not only designing clothes but also producing several music videos with a couple of well know local bands and solo artist in Indonesia.


He has supported the majority of local indie bands and musicians. Such as Maliq & d’Essentials, LLW, Indra Lesmana, Krakatau, Twentyfirst Night, Soulvibe, Bottlesmoker, Angsa Serigala, Art of Tree and many more.


He has made several music videos for these musicians and bands, such as Ruth Sahanaya, Rinni Wulandari, Teza Sumendra, Teddy Adhitya, Laid This Night, Moonsters, Kronutz, Neurotic, Matthew Sayersz, Tatis, Suddenly September, Art of Tree and also Syahravi.

Also other music videos such as; YAMA (LA Light at Soulnation 2014 Project) , Suddenly September, Andezzz for Blackhouse Seven, etc.


Alain has also expanded his directing capabilities in making commercials like; Frisian Flag, Wingdome Restaurant, Ecosand Malaysia, Blackhouse Restaurant, Blackhouse Vape.



Other Business


He also started to do a graphic design and branding business, mainly on web design and merchandising with several organization and company in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore.


On 2007, He and his team successfully did an online ticketing system for Maliq & D’Essentials for their 7th year anniversary.


Beside designing, lately he’s in charge for decorating several restaurant and offices. He’s doing a decoration for Hard Rock Café Jakarta, Wingdome Bali, Trax FM and several offices.



“Passion will lead you to your goals.” – AG